For your amusement, call me in the middle of the night

Have you ever checked the call registers in your cellphone and wondered, "When did this person call me? What did we talk about?" Well this morning, after a work-related call, I checked my received calls list and saw Alloy's 1:33 a.m. log. Then I YM'd him.

elvin: alloy!
elvin: did you call me?
alloy: ay sorry ha
alloy: wala yun
elvin: but you did call me?
alloy: yep
alloy: hehe
elvin: nasa registered calls ka kasi
elvin: and i answered?
alloy: yeah you did
alloy: bangag ka nga e
elvin: hahaha
elvin: talaga?
elvin: what did i say?
alloy: sabi mo
alloy: "ha? nasan ka na?
elvin: naka neozep-coma kasi ako nung mga oras na yun
alloy: tapos paulit ulit mo cnabi yun
alloy: "nasan ka na?"
elvin: what?
elvin: hahaha
alloy: "ha?"
alloy: "nasan ka na?"
elvin: hahahaha
alloy: para kang timang
elvin: tas nung nakita ko
elvin: na tumawag ka
elvin: di ko maalala
elvin: shet
elvin: tapos?
elvin: binaba mo lang?
alloy: ya
elvin: bakit ka nga pala tumawag?
alloy: wala lang may tatanong lang
alloy: ok na
alloy: tnx anyway
elvin: ah ok. sorry ha. hahahah
alloy: no prob
elvin: galit ba ako nung sumagot ako ng phone?
alloy: nde
alloy: a la elvin
alloy: kalog
alloy: hehe
elvin: ah talaga
elvin: you're talking with my subconsious kasi nun
alloy: yup
alloy: lalim a
alloy: hehe


And yeah, I'm bangag until now (Neozep+biogesic+bioflu). So I'm not writing anything. But here are non-related pictures (thumbnails, as always) from last week.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
They're running out of MRT tickets daw that's why they're cutting them into two. But the parts with Erap's face are almost extinct. Puro lang yung parts without Erap. Hmmm...

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
This is my large forehead.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
This is me and Nikolai. We are soap actors. Afternoon soap actors.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
This is Carlo and his diamond earring.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
This is Val and her Grammy.


slim whale said...

haha, ganyan din ako kapag early morning ako tinawagan. parang sabog.

Leah said...

for my amusement, anong number mo? i'll call you collect.

Anonymous said...

kawawa naman my pamangkin!

di ka naman neozep-induced nung nagtetext tayo a couple of days ago?!

btw, change my link sa list mo to Friendster blogs na, hehe! :)

pagaling ka! :-*

Elvin said...

slim: aren't we all like that?
lei: seryoso? hehe.
gladys: of course not! i was just being thoughtful. Hehe. Magaling na ako.