Wake Me Up When September Ends

Why are there so many songs about September? Earth, Wind & Fire sang about the 21st night of September when love was changing the minds of pretenders. The Temptations said they'll always remember the 3rd of September cause it's the day someone's daddy died. Green Day asked for an alarm clock that wil go off at exactly September 30, 11:59 p.m. Even Mandy Moore said she'll always remember that late afternoon of late September saying someone's always the cold one but she was never that sure. Weird no? My point is, this is so much of a coincidence and i think our days in this earth are numbered.

Haha. No that's not my real point. I just find all these songs talking about a certain day in September cute. And yes ladies and gentlemen, I am capable of spotting cute things. I have emotions too you know. And to be able to recognize cuteness, one must have emotions. Cute!

September is about to end na pala. Time to wake the Green Day guys up. Oktoberfest Na!


Anonymous said...

ano daw sabi ni anonymous? hehehehe. =P

onga no... i know what september is to me... and we know what september is to those singers.... question is, what is september to you? =)

ilang tulog nalang.. oktoberfest naaaaa!! woot!

slim whale said...

can we just go straight to oct 31? i love halloween and christmas.

caramel cream said...

"Dreams only give me strength to wait another night, My September Girl" - September Girl, Human Nature