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Chicken Run

Last Saturday while I was on board a northbound bus, I passed along Robinsons Pioneer and thought, "Hmmm, wait a minute. I haven't been in this mall before. I wanna try it." So I got off and went inside the Gokongwei playground.

I'm so proud of my spontaneity.

So I went all the way up and decided that i should watch a movie. I chose The Island because I heard Herbie is a porn flick disguising as a Disney film and I took no interest in the other movies (I even forgot what they were).

The movie was all about stylish clones in stylish Pumas living in stylish quarters in a stylish environment. I won't tell the story here because I enjoyed the movie and I don't share things that I enjoy especially when I feel like being selfish. But I can share that I think Ewan always gets the best movie roles in the world (Trainspotting, Star Wars, Big Fish, Moulin Rouge, Velvet Goldmine?) and Scarlett has the amazing ability to look beautiful while holding bacon with her bare hands or falling off a skyscraper.

Towards the end of the movie, there was a scene with all the white-clad stylish clones escaping the plant. The first thing that came to my mind was - they're just like chickens. And I thought, what if this happens in our farm? What if there's this one curious Ewan chicken who'll eventually plan an escape and take a Scarlett chicken with him. What if they all find out that the reason we're taking one of their kind from time to time is not to take that chicken to a promised Island but to cook them?

And the second thing that came to my mind was --- I want an insurance policy.