And i thought you're supposed to say GOOD things about your friend when making a friendster testimonial

I reviewed the friendster testimonials written for me. My friends can say the harshest things about me...and on my own friendster page! Look:

Tintin: you looked better pala when you were fat pa!
Carmela: Elvin is probably the best and worst jokester of our batch in UP CMC.
Jeff: Tarra must have really missed elvin for her to say call Elvin sensitive and frank. Elvin? Please.
Criselda: abot hanggang megamall ang extension ng bituka n'yan sa sobrang katakawan
Voltaire: kala nyo matino pro ubod ng bastos
Kristel: ELVIN!!!!! weird name, weird guy....
Kabzeel: ...nakakainis!
Ino: ambaduy-baduy nia!!
Alloy: isa syang malaking joke.
Paul: si elvin... dakilang cheapangga
Melodie: kahit anong sabihin niya, kahit hindi joke, mukhang joke
Tricia: JUKEBOX KING din sha
Marela: He is also a TOTAL POSER!
Alred: Si Elvin? Nakaka-leche!

They know me so well. Haha.


slim whale said...

at least they know you well. my testimonials are full of bullshit.

thanks for dropping by my blog

Mathew Hanger said...

mathew: mabait ka lang!

Jillsabs said...

don't you just love friends? :p

meganyoung said...

i don't know if i should be relieved for not being included in that list! =)

Anonymous said...

uh... i think you need a new set of friends? hehehehe. mine sounds like that too! like what a friend always says: "who needs enemies when you have friends like them, huh?"

kidding. they just luv you too much.

Ms. etc said...

Asows...bakit mo naman kasi pinaga-accept aber?

Under Construction said...

ikaw kasi e. u asked for it.

bullish1974 said...

i want a friendster testimonial from you.


Elvin said...

slim whale: that's really comforting. thanks for coming here.
mathew: i know. so are you.
jill: i do. they're even more fun than Gi Joes cause they actually talk back.
knucklecracker: you're not in the list cause you told me i'm mabango.
~tin~: how about a new friendster account. the "nice friends only" account.
j: just for the stats. haha.
noneweerd: i think you're right.
bullish: expect a green message on your friendster.

Anonymous said...

ahoy! I remember you thanking me for that testimonial.. and im still waiting for yours about me. hehe

just dropping by