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Bad news. I planned to post the "top 8 best opm videos according to Elvin" today but i found it really hard to find files of pinoy music videos. So I can't upload downloadable music videos today just like what I did last Friday.

But the good news is, I got carried away, so instead of coming up with the top 8 list, i came up with my TOP 40! Can you believe it? There are actually at least 40 Pinoy music videos that are really good! And why are they good? Because I said so. I suggest we all save this list because this will soon become the most credible and reputable music video ranking in the Philippines.

In order to be selected for this list, I, of course, must have seen the video, liked it, and remembered it. Simple criteria, actually. Then for the ranking, hmmm... I just...RANKED them. I'm the most respected music video expert anyway. Haha.

But really, ranking them wasn't hard. It's just a matter of identifying the videos that served their purpose and suited the context. Years ago, I used to complain about the "home video-straight-from-the-beta-cam" quality of OPM music videos. But sooner I realized, that must really be the distinct look of our videos. In a way, that's how our videos separate themselves from the sea of VMA-worthy music videos. Sort of an indentity. Now, our videos has established a familiar look and theme that we instantly identify them - just as we instantly recognize an Indian music video when we see one.

And it's even easier to pick the videos to EXCLUDE. The basic rules: 1) No lazy videos - the ones they shoot in recording studios where you see the artist singing in front of the mic from the start of the video till it ends, and 2) No pretentious videos - the ones that try hard to look "foreign."

So now, I present to you, the music video countdown to end all music video countdowns - The 40 Best OPM Music Videos according to Elvin. And before you can ask me if this list is indeed serious, I'll tell you now that YES, I am serious with the music video on the 13th spot. Dead serious.


40. Sulat (Moonstar 88)
39. Tabi Po (Joey Ayala)
38. Shadows (Color It Red)
37. Firewoman (Hungry Young Poets)
36. So Slow (Freestyle)
35. Heaven (Nina)
34. Ikaw Nga (South Border)
33. Maskara (Eraserheads)
32. Money For Food (Barbie's Cradle)
31. You'll Be Safe Here ver.2 (Rivermaya)
30. Bakit (Gloc 9 & Cookie Chua)
29. Julie Tearjerky (Eraserheads)
28. Motakka (Cheese)
27. Lucky (Kamikazee)
26. Harana (Parokya Ni Edgar)
25. To Reach You (Regine Velasquez)
24. On Your Own (Krook and Jolo)
23. Independence Day (Barbie's Cradle)
22. Mariposa (Sugarfree)
21. DV (Cambio)
20. Can We Just Stop and Talk a While (Gary V. & Kyla)
19. Trip to Jerusalem (Eraserheads)
18. You've Made Me Stronger (Regine Velasquez)
17. Hari Ng Sablay (Sugarfree)
16. Dahil Ba Sa Kanya (Jaya)
15. Awit Para Sa Kanya (True Faith)
14. Pwede Ba? (Viktoria)
13. Lupaypay (Rufa Mae Quinto)
12. Voodo Who do? (Razorback)
11. Kahit Na (Bridge)
10. Balisong (Rivermaya)
9. Hallelujah (Bamboo)
8. Numb (Slapshock)
7. Burn (Kulay)
6. Inuman Na (Parokya Ni Edgar)
5. Umaaraw Umuulan (Rivermaya)
4. Misterio (Slapshock)
3. Astro (Radioactive Sago Project)
2. Hanggang Ngayon (Kyla)
1. Ang Huling El Bimbo (Eraserheads)



Ms. etc said...

To: The most respected music video expert (??????)

Watched some of them, esp. yung Huling El Bimbo, like ko rin.

Btw, here's my reply sa iyong Q: If I feel like being me, there are two things that I'll do:

1. Look straight into the eyes, raise one eyebrow, and marched off. I won't even talk to the person.

2. I think I've improved and I rarely do this, but it still happens. I'll just say, "It's none of your business"..or "Whatever" with a snort.

Tosh said...

you should check out urbandub's A new Tattoo or if you want some slick editing, watch Marie Jamora's channel on Youtube - mariejambotz

Elvin said...

Thanks for the reco! They're all nicely done. Great music deserves great videos.