My non-cable TV now has 2 MTVs

Haven't been meeting my TV Recommended Daily Allowance lately. Proof: When I tuned in to UHF channel 41, I panicked. Where's the upper right corner MTV logo?! What channel is this?

And Mariel appeared, and out came a sigh of relief. (By the way, Mariel, whom I hated during her Extra Challenge stint, is now my absolute favorite VJ. I think she's MTV's answer to VJ Heart's jologs populace. In that case, I belong to Mariel's target market. Kahit manipis, walang mintis!)

The MTV logo is now on the lower left side of the tube. A little too huge and a little too distracting in my opinion. But hey it's free TV. Who am I to complain.

And did you know that IBC 13, the home of great noontime shows like Alas Dose sa Trese and Chow Time na, is now the VHF home of MTV. I don't know the schedule yet but it appears every... hmm...once in a while. Just like what it does on Studio 23 when MTV was still not free.

Speaking of MTV, the list of nominees for the MTV PIlipinas 2005 (our VMAs) is now out. You may vote for your favorites (note that you're encouraged to vote for your FAVORITE and not for the BEST - voting for the BEST is the jury's job). Vote here.

You can vote more than once. If you have fast internet connection and lots of free time, help me vote for Kyla. Yeah!


boi_bitch said...

tee-hee. i voted for kyla, too. :)

Elvin said...

good choice. :-D spread the word!