8 Best Music Videos

So I decided to create another countdown. This time it's the 8 best music videos of all time. No, that will be too broad. Make it 8 best music videos of all time according to Elvin. Or 8 best music videos of the late nineties according to Elvin. Late nineties because that's the time I started watching MTV and becoming really addicted to it. 8 because... I'll be uploading the videos and it will be difficult for me if I'd make this 100 Best Videos of All Time. So now, here are the 8 best music videos from the late nineties according to Elvin. If you don't agree, make your own list.

I uploaded all 8 videos though I know no one will download them cause they're really huge files.

08. Fatboy Slim - Praise You (Download)
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Probably the only low-budget music video on this list. Proof that you don't need a huge production or high-tech special effects in order to come up with an entertaining and clever video.

07. Blur - Coffee and TV (Download)
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One of the videos that I can watch over and over and over again. A little corny but it works for me.

06. Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight Tonight (Download)
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An adaptation of the clasic film, "A Trip to the Moon" - one of the first special-effects movie ever made. I liked the old yet new feel of this video and the monsters on it are cool.

05. Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (Download)
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It's dark, It's blue and it's full of straight out of the canvass imageries. It's like having one of your nightmares/dreams, only, there's VJ Sonia introducing it.

04. Madonna - Frozen (Download)
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I liked this video because I saw how this video was made - on TV. Shot at noontime, they turned it into a dark and blue video. There's something about dark ang blue videos that I like. If this were top 10 best music videos, I'd put The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony at Number 9.

03. Bjork - Bachelorette (Download)
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Bjork is crazy and so is this video. A little puzzling, a little philosophical. It asks questions, it amuses, and it's hmm... colorful.

02. Lauryn Hill - Everything Is Everything (Download)
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Everybody likes Lauryn's Doo Wop video but I like this video more. My interpretation of this video is somewhat religious so I'm not telling. Haha.

01. Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (Download)
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I liked this video because it's the one that made me dream of becoming a music video director. Or a music video star.

So there. My top 8 music videos. my reasons are shallow but that's how they do it on MTV'S Top 10 Favorite Videos and MYX's STARMYX.

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Mathew Hanger said...

/me sings "you only see what your eyes want to see... wow can life be what you want it to be... you're frozen... when your heart's not open..."

Elvin said...

hmmmmmm hmmmmm....

Bernizzya said...

you, mr. luciano, as an MTV addict, have excellent taste. point: putting Madonna's "Frozen" on your list (personally I would put it at #1, but that's just me). Here's hoping you do extend your list to 9 or 10 so Verve's Bittersweet Symphony can take its rightful spot. :)

p.s. see, i can still compliment you after that snarky comment on my blog. no, that was not photoshop. :P

Elvin said...

snarky? i like that. i guess im really...snarky. :-)

Bernizzya said...

elvin! may no-nominate po ako: "Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson. Very coo video.