I wiretapped myself, can I sue me?

Because I call toll-free hotlines whenever I'm bored...

Me: Dials number. (Phone Rings) Goes through an Interactive Voice Recording Session.

Jay-R: (Sings SUN CELLULAR THEME) There's a new choice for you to share your voice this season for everyone, new 24/7 text unlimited from SUN. As low as 50 pesos! More choices! More fun! Under the season there is one. 24/7 Fun under the sun! (Note: Add this song to misheard lyrics list)

Her: (Finally picks up) Thank you for calling SUN CELLULAR!

Me: I need SUN SHOP SM NORTH EDSA's phone number.

Her: Ok sir may I have your name?

Me: Jay R

Her: May I have your number?

Me: I don't have a SUN CELLULAR number

Her: Sir, kahit anong number.

Me: 2? (No I didn't say that, haha)

Me: Zero Nine Blah Blah

Her: Thank you for that information sir. Regarding your inquiry sir, we don't give out that kind of information.

Me: (Garbled)



Anonymous said...

That post had me laughing like I have never laughed in so long!


Elvin said...

haha. thanks. :-)

Anonymous said...

that was hilarious! kaya mo eh!

Elvin said...

try ko pa sa iba... kaya ko kaya?