I only blog when I'm bored

Hellurr. Yeah. I just said Hellur. For the uninitiated, "Helurr" just happens to be a thug's way of saying hello. Like, Right Thurr. Or...it's getting hot in hurr.

That joke may be lousy but I just STOLE that. From MTV. Ha!

Long time no blog. But apparently I'm back and the Samurai's hara kiri didn't happen. Isn't that great news? And because it is my duty to tell the world what I've been up to lately, I will do just that.

I did all these things except one.
1. Attended Mark's wedding.
2. Went to Megamall and watched a Cartoon Network event.
3. Met Tintin at Gateway.
4. Bought Nick Hornby's How To Be Good at Fully Booked.
5. Bumped my head, passed out and forgot everything.

By the way, because it is also my duty to talk about myself, let me tell you one important fact about me. Mouthwash makes me cry. Especially that concentrated Astring-o-sol.

Have you guys watched Pinoy Pop Superstar Grand Showdown? I did! But only on TV. The delayed telecast. I had so much fun. If you missed it, here are some highlights.

1. The "miracle song" was sung three times.
2. Asia's Songbird isn't a bird but a mammal. She showed her ********. Well, half of each.
3. Brenan, once again, had epileptic seizures. Later, he will be awarded the Mr.Friendship award and he will act like he's already won the competition.
4. Jonalyn's messed up the lyrics of Reflection.
5. Kristel screamed all night.
6. MC, well, he sang a Chaka Khan song.
7. Charmaine was pretty as usual.
8. Halfway into the show, the two North Americans were among the first to be eliminated. The Canadian one shouldn't have been there. He was among the Top 30 of Canadian Idol Season 1. That means he's a Canadian citizen. The one from L.A. sang an Eva Eugenio Clasic.
9. Charmaine bored herself during the TOP 4 round, she sleeptalked, or in this case, sleepsang.
10. Michael bored the whole Araneta prompting judge Kyla to just surf the net on the computer being used for entering scores.
11. Brenan's seizures continued during his second song. His Mom watched with her mouth open, like she yawned and forgot to un-yawn.
12. Jonalyn and Brenan = Top 2
13. Now playing - PPS Finalists in their Toyota Video. Familiar?
14. Top 2 sang Miracle. Jonalyn won.
15. Kristel shook her head in disbelief. Charmaine slept onstage - standing.
16. Brenan passed his application for 30 DAYS Season 2
17. Jonalyn received her 5 million worth of prizes.
18. Regine advised Jonalyn to pay her taxes. (Or was it just my imagination? I don't know)

It's been raining every night, and once again, Elvin is one happy boy.


Mathew Hanger said...

har har har! Nagbayad ba ng taxes si Asia's Jailbird?

Anonymous said...


kay tagal mong nawala...

may iba pa bang nangyari sa iyo...

chikahin mo nga si carmela minsan about sandara park kasi in-interview niya si sandara para sa kanyang article...


Mathew Hanger said...

by the way....

Use Crest Pro-Health Rinse instead of Astring-o-sol. Works for me. Same 'bacteria killing' and 'fresh breath' effect but it's alcohol free so walang iyak...

Elvin said...

mathew: di ko pa alam e. balitaan kita.
fafafol: kailan pa ako naging sandara resource person?
mathew ulet: tamang tama. ubos na mouthwash ko.