Catching Up

Suddenly I'm the President of the people who blog more than once a day.

Here are my thoughts. Not that it matters to anyone.

On the Bohol Posoning: If there's one thing in the incident that really affected me, it was the fact that some people died because of other people's goodwill. One girl reportedly bought the poisoned cassava for her friend who didn't have money to buy food. Another report said that one victim was an old woman who got the poisoned cassava as a pasalubong from her grandchild from school.

On American Idol: My interest in this show waned when my favorite contestant, Osborne "Nikko" Smith got voted off. But due to some very surprising circumstance, he was called back! But I don't think he can actually win the competition. My picks aren't always the most popular. My favorite from last season was Camile. She lost too.By the way, I won "American Idol Goodies" from a contest on Inquirer's 2BU. The gift pack includes the CD of World Idol winner, Kurt Nilsen.

On the Taguig Jailhouse Attack: People are dead. Journalists are happy.

On the upcoming 2005 SEA Games: The Philippines is hosting this event... Stop laughing now. I'm serious.

I'm brimming with social relevance right now, i could run for a government position. How about starting in the SK?


Jillsabs said...

ummm...i'll have to look it up, but i think you're over-aged for the sangguniang kabataan :p

Elvin said...

but i'm only 18!