Brag Turvey

Not really. I don't brag. I just want to share my happiness over my latest acquisition. Meet my Image hosted by Photobucket.com. But first, let me sahre with you my Nokia (with a bit of Sony) evolution.

My very first phone was a Image hosted by Photobucket.com given to me by my lolo. I had it in my third year in college, three years after people started owning Image hosted by Photobucket.coms. There was a point when it was actually on but you can't see a thing in the LCD. I had to wrap it with rubberbands just so I could read my messages.

One day, while my friend Gidg and I was at the AS 2nd floor lobby in UP, we saw a Image hosted by Photobucket.com. I got it and said, "Gidg, can I keep this? I need a new phone." Good deed princess Gidg refused. "No!" she said. We'll find the owner. So she called the first number in the phonebook and after 30 minutes, I and the phone owner were satnding face to face. She was a rich chinese girl who could afford even ten thousand Image hosted by Photobucket.coms.

I told Gidg, "I could've been a proud Image hosted by Photobucket.com owner by now!" She said, "Ano ka ba! We did a good deed. Babalik sa atin yan tenfold."

Months later, my brother bought himself a new phone. He gave me his old Image hosted by Photobucket.com, which I used until I graduated and landed on my first job.

In my first (and current) job, I had an officemate who sells celfones in 3 to 6 month payment terms. I got Image hosted by Photobucket.com - my first MMS phone.

The Image hosted by Photobucket.com crashed often. Some keys even stopped working. The call disconnect key (which is important when you make a lot of "missed calls") stopped working. So I decided to get a new phone, which I got under a 24-month (what was I thinking?!) payment term. It's a Image hosted by Photobucket.com that I'm still paying for until now.

Then my cellphone subscription plan's contract ended meaning I could get phones for free or at insanely low prices. That's why I now have a Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And this is only the fourth out of Gidg's so-called "tenfold". I can't wait. Hikshiks.


Anonymous said...

i actually enjoyed that story! =)

i found an ericson phone yesterday in mango, without hesitation, i gave it to the people there...

now i'm waiting for my 'tenfold' reward. hehehehe.

Elvin said...

tsk tsk tsk. you should have kept the phone. that's the easier way to get your reward. haha.

Anonymous said...

hahhahahaha! you and 10 of my friends say the same! =P

Anonymous said...

See I told you, it'll come back tenfold. hehe! it didn't seem as funny then, but now that you're making kuwento, naisip ko lang sobrang inis ka siguro sa akin non! =) i'll see u soon ha =)