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Blogger/World Renowned Hermit
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    (January 14, 19XX- )
    Born in the Philippines
    Writes for a living
    He actually made a fansite for himself.
    His favorite pastimes include calling Customer Care Hotlines.
    He's stuck to his family computer - never used any other game console.
    He has the uncanny ability of gaining weight overnight.
    He tried to be a vegan but quit after three weeks.
    He reads the telephone directory.
    He types using just two fingers, one from each hand.
    He dreamt of becoming an Ang TV kid

    He survived hemoglobin shots when he was very young.
    In his last semester in college, he passed 24 units including Thesis (normal load is 15 units).
    He's not afraid of the dark.
    He eats vegetables.
    He walks fast.
    He cleans his ears everyday.

    In 2004, Out of 280 Votes: 67.86% Annoying
    In 2003, Out of 621 Votes: 67.79% Annoying
    In 2002, Out of 689 Votes: 77.21% Annoying


Jillsabs said...

wala bang choice na extremely annoying? :)


Anonymous said...

and you were busy because of this annoying post?! =)

Elvin said...

jill: sorry wala. wahehehehehe
marge: tagal ko pinag-isipan yan. :-)