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Manny Falls

Not much good news in the papers today. Our country's favorite flag-bearer in international competitions lost. This is our second blow. The first one was when Melanie failed to bring home the Mrs. World crown. Hahaha.

Yesterday, I didn;t care about the matches other than the main event. When Lani Misalucha started screaming, I took my spot in front of the TV. On the second round, I started to feel that there is something wrong.

What could it be?
a. There were no round girls.
b. Manny isn't wearing Darlington socks
c. There's a SMART Padala logo on the ring canvass
d. I can't find Robin Padilla

I'm not a really big fight fan but I noticed that Manny looked like he's having a really really hard time slugging it out with Morales. When I first watched him in Taguig (I had VVIP tickets then, the double V is not a typo bu the way, haha Brag Turvey returns), I was so confident that he'd knock out the visiting Thai who, as of now, is still rethinking his idea of Filipino hospitality.

By the end of the match, our Manny looks devastated and the Mexican only had some bruises here and there, still looking cool, calm and collected. Word has it that El Terible said that he never even felt Manny's punches. Manny can't say the same. He splattered his blood samples all over Morales' white trunks because of the cut on his brow because of the controversial head butt.

Nevertheless, Manny managed to gain more respect from me, and hopefully, from everyone who witnessed the fight. When he got in the ring, he had a whole country in misery on his shoulders. And the only way to get back even a little of the much-needed pride for his homeland is to win - at all costs.