The Weekend Countdown

Note: Starting today, I will be devoting my Friday blogging time to my countdowns of anything. For the world premiere of THE SAMURAI TOP 10 ANYTHING, I'll be presenting you:

Top 10 Searches in my Friendster Network
(a.k.a. What are the things that my friends want to talk about, but then they're too shy to talk about it with anyone, that they resort to searching the topics secretly through internet search engines such as friendsters' thinking nobody's gonna find out.)

10: TIPS ON FLIRTING - Well, what can I say. Flirting skills are really important these days. But here's my belief - Flirts are born not made.

9. 7 HABITS - Unless you're a nun, even the most intelligent search engine will find your keywords rather vague.

8. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF MY NAME - Shouldn't you be asking your Mom and Dad this question?

7. FREE MP3 SONGS - I know there are MP3s that aren't FREE. But do you sometimes look for MP3 poems or MP3 novels?

6. MY NAME IN JAPANESE - Pssst. I heard that the Japanese government is trying to restrict the entry of new Filipino entertainers. Sorry to crush your dreams.

5. FILIPINO MEN TO MEN - Looks like someone's looking for serious male bonding.

4. MEN ON BRIEF - Are you trying to look for a) Brief statements about men b) men sitting on briefs or c) what men say about briefs?

3. HOW TO WIN AN EX BACK - Forget your ex. Try searching "How to win an X-BOX" instead.

2. ZODIAC LOVE MATCH - When you find what you're looking for, please tell me what's best for a Capricorn guy like me.

1. FILIPINO GURLS - I think you'll get more search hits if you stick to the correct spelling.


Ms. etc said...

"Flirts are born not made"

I beg to disagree Mr. Samurai Man. It can be learned..but lucky those who have the "inborn" flirting prowress. Unfortunately, I don't have, LoL.

Anonymous said...

we belong in the same network... kapuso


Leah said...

men on brief. ayos. ma-check nga.
joke... baka ma-suspend pa ko dito sa office.
tsk tsk, samu b.i.! kiddin! :)