Here's my quick quick straight-from-my-disorganized-thoughts staccato update.

Because I missed my job so much, I'm back here at work. Thus the new entry. Life's son good when you blog for a living.

So what happened during my brief vacation? Surprise, surprise! I stayed home. But I went out in the evening to go to Tower Records. Tower Records is now my favorite record bar, dislodging Odyssey from the top spot. Tower Records is where I found a copy of this and this (which i got for only P250).

I also bought a Rubik's Cube. Haven't solved it. But I will soon.

During my brief break, I found the time to read the magazines that I bought but was left gathering dust in the bedroom because of lack of time (I'm timeless). I learned from Manual (the only magazine that I buy every month, even though I'm too young to read it) that there is a refrigerator with a built-in laptop computer (should it still be called a laptop?). I also bought a dim-light for my room. It's red. Now, sleeping in my room feels like sleeping in in our photography class darkroom.

My brother broke our faucet. Water started sprinkling everywhere. I panicked (secretly). My sister passed the UST entrance test. Our cat (Kitty Nadal) is growing up. Our dog (Aubrey Miles) is still a very very shy dog.

One last thing. Indonesia's National Anthem sounds so much like the Sheryl Cruz classic "Mr. Dreamboy." I'm not kidding. Listen to the national anthem here. I strongly recommend that you listen to the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

"i'm timeless." --> pare, that's classic. haha!

say hello to "kitty nadal" for me. hahaha.


Anonymous said...

LOL! hahahhahahahhahahahha! ROFL!!!!!!!!


Ms. etc said...

Hahahahaha! Natawa ako dun. So Aubrey and kitty eh?

bullish1974 said...

wowowow! mister dreamboy nga! slow-mo version! napakanta ako ng di-oras :D

"...sana'y masabi ko sayo ang natatagong lihim ko, ikaw ang tanging dreamboy ko...."

Elvin said...

mud: kitty nadal says hi to you too. but i think you hurt aubrey's feelings.
W: hmmm. shouldnt you be laughing like this? --> jajajaja.
J: Yes. Wanna see Kitty Nadal's pictures?
Bullish: Indonesia, Indonesia, ano kaya ang nasa isip mo?

Anonymous said...

i wanna see how kitty nadal looks like!! post a pic of her ok? pls. ;) karmee

Anonymous said...

so, you found your own copy of Miseducation of Lauryn Hill...you lucky guy! =)