Jason Mraz started it all.

I regularly read my close friend Jason Mraz' online journal. He's one of the best writers in the world. His journal to me is literature - the fun kind. Everything he writes is gospel. But there's this one revelation in one of his entries that I refused to believe at first.

Jason said Michelle Branch has a large birthmark. Not just a birthmark, but a birthmark on her face.

But because her make-up team is so great, they are able to conceal the birthmark.

After months of searching the Internet, I finally found a video of Michelle without make-up. Jason's claim has been proven.

I don't care. I still support and respect Michelle as a talended and genuine artist. Michelle Branch is still one of the greatest (and most underrated) musicians of our time.

And so is my close friend Jason.


Jillsabs said...

show the pic! :) i want to see just how good her makeup artists are :)

Elvin said...

i'm trying to upload the vid jill. :-)