Some things that give me inexplicable happiness

1. Receiving my bills - I don't know. I just love looking at them. The smell of the neatly folded paper also gives me a natural high. I also like looking at my name through the plastic-sealed hole of the envelope.

2. Reading other people's text messages while they are texting inside a public transport vehicle - I'm not a snoop. My prying eyes just have lives of their own. They look at every cellphone screen they see. And this is where MYSELF comes in - I create stories out of the text messages my eyes read. Examples: This girl is a mistress and she is texting her man while he is at work because her man do not allow her to text him while he is at home. This guy is gay and he is texting his boyfriend who, the gay doesn't know, is dating another girl who, incidentally, is the ex-girlfriend of the gay guy. This woman is borrowing money from her mother-in-law because her son is so sick and she has noone else to turn to and she does that despite the mother-in-law's constant nagging about her son marrying the wrong woman.

3. Reading graffiti - I enjoy this pre-"text messaging era" means of communication (not as the writer but as the reader, heehee). Bathroom graffiti are always interesting because people respond to each other's messages.

4. Waking up to the sound of the early morning rain- One word: Melancholy. Yes, melancholiness gives me happiness afterwards. Weird.

5. Waking up in the morning with "X Messages Received" flashing on my cellphone screen. I usually wake up around 8 a.m. So make me happy. Send me text messages at 6 or 7.


Anonymous said...

Receiving bills. Indeed, it is inexplicable. I, for one, cannot fathom how you find joy in receiving bills just because it is neatly folded. A crisp Php1000 bill can enrapture anyone into profound joy better than bills that smell like any typical printed paper. There's no inexplicable happiness to be found in something as ordinary as a neatly folded paper that spells the difference between lightbulbs and candles.

Reading other people's text messages is already snooping. Snooping makes the eyes wander, thus their seeming self-existence. No excuse than that except the fact that most people love to pry at other people's lives. Creating stories about other people is what you call gossiping. In your case, it's schizophrenic gossiping. Unless you involve others in your mindless chatter.

Bathroom graffiti has always been about sex. Nothing great about reading that unless one actually condones anonymous sex.

Waking up to the sound of the early morning rain and melancholy. That's for people who have watched too many unoriginal romantic movies. Happiness after melancholy. Hmm... of course when you're down there's no where to go but up. That's the yin and yang.

Waking up in the morning with X messages received... one word: self-absorbed.

It's a sorry state to be in when one's happiness depend on other people's approval.

Enough said.

Elvin said...

Your comment has just gave me an immeasurable amount of "inexplicable happiness."

TwistedHalo said...

Oh. Grabehan, pamangkin! :D