After months of hiding and running away from college classmates (hehe), one finally (and successfully) caught me when she got on the same MRT train I was on. I was trying to do something about my sleep deprivation when my phone vibrated because of a text message that just came in.

"Pssst! Elvino!"

It's Carmi. I looked around and saw her near the door just below the orange light that lights up everytime the door opens. We got off at the same station and the first words she told me was "Ang taba mo na!" (Disclaimer: I'm not fat. She just said that because I was skinny in college. So with her perception of my old geeky and lanky self, I am "relatively" fat. Gets?)

She didn't even notice that I'm wearing polo and leather shoes when years ago, she used to see me in my ukay-ukay shirt, jeans and sneakers ensemble every single day. She didn't even notice that I'm sporting my Rainier locks (hehe, I'm exaggerating) when the last time she saw me, i was in my classic College Boy/ROTC hairstyle.

To her I'm just that. I've put on weight and that's the only thing that changed in my life. (I was not so happy, being lonely, living without you...hehe.)

But then again, "ang taba mo na" must be the only words that she can think of right at that moment.

Or maybe she meant "mataba" in a good way.

I'll let this pass. Haha.


Anonymous said...

see, that's what i missed when i decided to shift out.

tell me when you guys are planning a reunion of sorts, so i can come along and crash your party. hehe... :)


Elvin said...

sure. we'll let you know. :-) do we have to prepare "welcome back" banners?

Anonymous said...

oi elvin, in case you're still interested, this is my blogsite: mocha.blogdrive.com. been trying 2 overhaul its look muna kasi but i couldnt. so, wag mong pagtatawanan ha. and abt my ganti sa entry mo about me (now u know u i am)...well, peace tayo ha? :D