VJ Heart's Words of Wisdom

Heart: Here with us on the line is Matthew. Hello? Hello?
Matthew: Hello!
Heart: Hello! What's your name?

"Kids today are so into drugs kase it's so in"
-Heart in an interview by Cinema One with the four new MYX VJs

"Obviously, my color is color pink."
-Heart in one of the ABS-CBN's shows.

"We have a e-mail!"
-Heart on MyMYX


lornadahl said...

Hi, got your url from pinoyblog. =)

That made me crack. =D By the way, I frequent this certain message board wherein posters were gabbing about celebs with BO and/or bad breath. One poster said s/he heard Heart smells awful down there. Guess what? Someone posted as LoveMarie, introduced herself as Heart Evangelista and warned those who spread the libelous comment.

Anonymous said...

ang talino ni ineng
- marge

Jillsabs said...

uy....mukhang somebody always watches VJ Hurt. Uyyyy....:)

Elvin said...

not! ehehehe.