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The Samurai reviews Bangkok Haunted 2

I watched Bangkok Haunted 2 and I have a feeling that it really isn't a sequel to the original bangkok Haunted Film. I guess the distributor just changed the title of the film for recall or to ride on the popularity of the first movie (Or was it popular? I haven't met anybody who have actually seen that movie too. Haha.)

When I watched the first BH (that's Bangkok Haunted), I helped the movie distributor's PR manager by telling everybody I know that it IS a good horror movie. "Manood kayo ng Bangkok Haunted. Parang Shake, Rattle and Roll Thailand!" It was a trilogy (see?) with elements of the supernatural (the oriental view, which i like), portrayals of modern third-world urban living (which will be haunted beings that are more popular in the rural and traditional places - talk about crossing over), and of course faces that you would like to stare at even for two full hours hehe.

But that's Bangkok Haunted 1.

So here are the reasons (why) I didn't like the "sequel" that much.
1. I think I've already seen an asian horror movie with a murdered girl haunting the living. A girl who wants justice and won't stop showing the white part of her eye until she gets what she wants! She was killed and was thrown into the water! And yes, she has long hair which she will use to more effectively scare people.
2. I think I've already seen an asian horror movie involving a teacher who's involved with one of his student who will eventually die of an unnatural cause.
3. It's funny. Especially the subtitiles.

Example 1:
Female protagonist: Aaah! I see a ghost.
Old lady doctor: What's up?

Example 2:
Female protagonist after looking at a mirror: Aaaahhh
Drug Rehab Guy: What's up?

Example 3:
Ghost aka Sadako impersonator: *walks toward her murderer.*
Murderer: Don't come! Don't Come!

Example 4:
Boy: Kayo pa rin ba?
Girl: Oo
Boy: Pano kung makita ng mga friends nya na magkasama tayo?
(Exampel 4 is NOT in the movie. This was said by the boy and the girl sitting next to me. No, they're not sitting on the same seat.)

One interesting note: the movie is very much similar to the local movie ITIM starring Charo Santos. Hi Ma'am Charo!