The Secret Samurai Meeting

The Samurai (me), the Geisha, the Ronin, the Japayuki Ninja and the rest of "our people" (hehe) had a secret lunch meeting at a secret place here in Makati. I had a very sumptuous Samurai lunch sans my Samurai shoes because they made me take them off. I took pictures of the secret place and the secretive fake Japanese girls serving tea with ice (iced tea?).

The secret place has a very authentic Japanese feel. Haha. We were using really low tables and sitting on cushions on the shiny wooden floor (I'm so fake I don't even know what are they called. When the fake Japanese girls handed me a wet towel, I said, "Para san 'to?"). For a fake Japanese like me (but I'm a real Samurai, haha), It felt like home. Kulang na lang sina Ultraman, Shaider at saka si Eleonor ng Oh Tokyo!

Tomorrow's Saturday. Time to recharge.

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Anonymous said...

a true samurai is believing he is one...

...even if he doesn't know the japanese terms. hehehehe.

so aren't you gonna share your secret japanese (restaurant) hideout?


Elvin said...

clue: it is very near the Makati Cinema Square. hehe.