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Tower @ SM North

My mall visits wouldn't be complete if i don't drop by a record bar. I used to spend countless hours inside Odyssey XL at SM North Edsa listening to samples and browsing through the CDs and casettes on display. I would always play pranks on Radio City sales ladies by asking them if they have albums that don't really exist. Ganti lang. That's what they get for constantly following me around (and asking, "ano po yung hinahanap nyo sir?") while I'm looking through the stores selection.

Unfortunately, SM North's Odyssey XL turned into Odyssey Extra Small. Half of the Store became Factory Sale Outlet. Now there are lesser CD sample listening stations! Of course that's far more important than the actual CDs on sale. Hehe.

Fortunately, there's a new record bar at SM North. Introducing Tower Records at SM North!

Occupying the spot that used to be Shakey's's, the new store is far from being my new perfect mall tambayan. The entrance is not convenient since I can't get in the store when I'm already inside the mall. I still have to go out through the glass door exit and run to Tower's main and only entrance.

The OPM collection is limited but the foreign CDs on display are quite fine. They have the usual top 40 staples plus other "niche artists" ranging from Janis Joplin to Kiss. There are about 6 full racks of CDs on sale, most of which are basically tons of CDs by the has beens and the obscure. AND... the CDs already went from store to store. Some Cds have 3 tags on, one from Tower Glorietta, one from Tower Megamall (musicOne pa nga e) and the last, the new one.

But it's cozy and not too crowded. If you want to have an idea how "not too crowde" the store is, picture this: there are more salespeople than (possible) customers.

One last tip. If you're desperately looking for Jao Mapa's first CD, you know where to go.


Elvin said...

i should try that. havent been there. haha.