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Weird Dreams

I dreamt all these in one night. Just like Shake, Rattle and Roll, it had three episodes.

Episode I: I was back in college and we were having a field trip somewhere in Laguna. It was lunch time and we have to stop at a Mr.Donut outlet along the way (My dreams have advertisers). While I was falling in line, my classmate, a wailing Angelica Panganiban (weird) attacked me. She hysterically threw stones, trays, plates (and everything she lays her hands on) at me while crying about how I killed (huh?) her uncle.

Episode II: President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's inauguration will be held at the back of our house in Isabela. Many people were there to witness the event. The president's helicopter landed on a muddy area and the helicopter sank and was never seen again. The inauguration never pushed through and all the people went home.

Episode III: I went to the UP Main Library and was so surprised to see my High School Asian History teacher there (He was the librarian). I asked him if they have any statistics that can show which downloadable SMART and GLOBE contents are being downloaded by the subscribers most often. He said they don't have that data yet and he offered me the profiles of "Filipinos most likely to vote for Gloria." I took it.

Analyze that.


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i think it's more of Starwars...hehehehe. This is bad, i'm making a prelude to Star Wars III.