My New Favorite Word

The best thing about the rainy season is that I always feel really really good whenever I wake up in the morning and I hear the rain pouring outside. I love the morning rain (especially during weekends when i can choose to sleep some more until the sound of the raindrops hitting the roof stops and the blowing of the cool morning wind stops).

Yesterday, I woke up, opened my eyes wide to wear off any trace of sleepinbess and yes, it was raining. I hurriedly got up and went to the nearest window to take a peek at what's happening outside. Dark skies, cool wind, visible raindrops and i said the word...


Haha. I surprised myself. There was something so poetic about that single word I said, I just don't know what is it or how to describe it. All I know is that, that single word encapsulated exactly how I felt that morning.

That doesn't happen everyday.


Anonymous said...

Anong word yun Elvin? Bitin ka naman. -Kat

Anonymous said...

secret. hehe. -elvin