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Nanay Learns to Text

I got a text message yesterday from my Nanay. It read "Vin si nanay to practice ako mag text." That was the very first text message my mother sent on her own. I'm so proud of her. Yoohoo!

Earlier this day I received another text message, this time from my sister. She said an intensity 4 earthquake jolted Isabela. I have no idea how strong is the impact of the tremors (my sister said there were 2) but I think the killer earthquake that hit northern philippines when I was in grade 2 was somewhere in the intensity 6 to 7 scale.

I remember that day in July 1990. It was one usual hot afternoon in the big but humid public elementary school classroom. We were doing handwriting drills on our red and blue lined handwriting notebook (we were writing capital letter A's in cursive form again and again and again...) when the plywood walls started to move.

Teacher: (Very calm) Walang gagalaw. Lumilindol.

Class: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh (runs toward the door. one girl faints)

I ran to the other classroom and grabbed the hand of my Grade I teacher.

Don't ask me why. I really don't know.

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