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Elvin Returns

This is my Sorry for 2004. Haha.

1. Sorry it took me so long to write a new entry here.
2. Sorry I stopped writing ever since I was downed by my "ubong may plema" which the doctor called "Upper respiratory tract infection." (She made my illness sound so nice.)
3. Sorry i called the Manila Baywalk the Manila Boardwalk. Of course it's in Manila and it's by the bay. Boardwalk is on Monopoly.
4. Sorry It's been raining hard for days. You see I am the lord of the rain. I can let the rain fall anytime i want to. But sorry I can't stop it.
5. Sorry for all my english language "gaffes". English isn't my first language.
6. Sorry my feet are big. (But my talent is bigger. Haha)
7. Sorry this makes no sense.
8. Sorry the President's inauguration was held in Cebu. It could have been a non-working holiday.
9. Sorry I'm changing my mobile phone number anytime soon.
10. Sorry I don't like Ruben's song.