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Noodle Life

The wet cup. With Tey in the background.

I realized it's been a long time since I ate Lucky Me! Supreme in its big paper bowl because I always go for the small cup. So tonight, I decided to make things extra special by indulging in this bigger size all by myself. Haha. No. I just thought if Sarah Geronimo could eat a bowl of noodles to live supreme, why couldn't I? That's all. 

Lucky Me! was virtually unknown in our little barrio where I grew up. In there Maggi was king. Or queen (because of Tita Maggi). We own a sari-sari store and if people wanted to buy noodles, they only have Maggi Chicken or Maggi Beef to choose from. (When times are hard, we'd go for Payless). We eat a lot of Maggi too, for the free Disney Aladdin stickers or the promo code. One of the proudest moments of my life growing up was when I learned how to cook Maggi.

And then Lucky Me! Supreme happened and almost everybody was curious how no-cook noodles taste like (or if it is even possible). For a while it became a status symbol. The rich houses always had Lucky Me! Supreme bowls over their refrigerators. We buy ours once in a while but a bowl of it is something we, the siblings, all have to share with each other. The dog gets his share too. He becomes the owner of the bowl.

And then Lucky Me! Pancit Canton happened and it was even crazier. Suddenly, Maggi was demoted into something people would give out as relief goods. "No one buys Maggi anymore!" I'd tell my mother while brushing ants off Maggi packages in our little tindahan. But Payless still had its share of regular buyers.

Well yeah, I just wanted to share I ate Lucky Me! tonight. The Philippine pioneer of no-cook noodles (as far as i know).

But when you stay at Kalayaan Residence Hall, you'll discover that all noodles are no-cook noodles. Just add hot water on anything. Never mind if it remains crunchy.


ledgelife said...

Whatever happened to Maggi? I really liked that one. Also, although I dislike how the "seafood" bits in Lucky Me Supreme don't expand in hot water, its serving is still better than its Nissin Cup foe. #foodcritiquelol