The Continuing Saga of the Cashless Weekend

Yes our office has this rule, a very heartless rule. You don't submit your daily time record, you don't get paid. Needless to say, I forgot to submit mine. And most of the cash I had, had to go to this institution called Sun Life. And of course there's rent. But hey, they're parts of my life as a responsible adult. But having missed DTR submission is very irresponsible haha.

And for Friday night, Brenda planned a Legally Blonde viewing party (party so it'd sound so fun). 2 hours before showtime at the Meralco Theater in Ortigas, and we're still in the office in Ayala, with no tickets, and I'm also without money and credit card (actually I have it but I'm personally suspending it after this month's big big purchase, after a retail therapy in SM Cyberzone haha). Traffic was bad, of course, that time being a payday Friday. Plus it looked like it's going to rain anytime. A minute before the show's starting time, the five of us were still in the car somewhere in Ortigas, with the gas meter blinking crazily. And we were already inside the Meralco complex, we couldn't figure out where to park because we can't find our way to the building that houses the theater.

Good thing (for us), these things do not start on time. Haha. We had time to fall in line for last minute tickets (thanks Mark for paying. I'll pay you haha). And we didn't miss anything at all. Brenda and Jenniffer even had time to have their photo taken with Billy Joe at the lobby. That's how NOT late we were despite arriving there at around 8:15.

The show was good actually. We did see the efforts put by the actors and the production people to put it together. Although I had expectations since I saw clips of the US version of the play on Youtube where Brusier was a real dog, who acts along real people. Personally, I cannot think of any other local personality who can play the part, so good job Nikki Gil. And yes, we have newfound respect for Geneva Cruz, who was like working out and being employed at the same time.

We ate at the Ortigas Home Depot right after, in this place called Berting's which Brenda recommended (the chicken was so delicious). A few minutes after midnight, I got a text from Val, who saw on twitter that, like them, I too was in Ortigas. See? Twitter is very useful. Mark, J & Brenda were kind enough to take me where Val and the gang were - at the Ortigas Banchetto. "Dito na yun," said J and I dumbly said, "Saan?" cause I was expecting Banchetto to be a European restaurant or bar or something. Haha. It was of course, a midnight street food market which could have been paradise for me If I hadn't stuffed my mouth with too much food from Berting's. But I was happy, just being there, making old and timeless Beyond jokes with everyone and sharing life and career inspirational words with Tin. What?

But I'd like to go back to the Emerald Banchetto one day. When I'm insanely hungry - that will be the perfect time.


Maver said...

i can so relate to this. don't forget to submit your dtr! i submitted mine already :D

Elvin said...

Me too! In 3 days, I'm submitting a new one again haha. Let's keep reminding each other para laging may sweldo :P

tet said...

i feel for your books. let's coffee and fawn over new ones before i leave again!

Elvin said...

tet: hey birthday girl. where's your birthday coffee?