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5-in-1 like Coffee Mix with Agaricus Mushroom & Ginkgo Biloba

Because I'm such a big fan of Asia's horror cinema, heh, the new local horror Cinco got me very excited. Never mind that the last one Star Cinema produced, Villa Estrella, had my friends berating me for talking them into spending their time and money on the film.

I watched Cinco with Edson and Tarra, the same guys who watched Villa Estrella with me and of course, again, I was the one who chose the movie (Tarra wanted INCEPSHIENNN). They agreed to see it, without coercion, making me think that in their heart, they really loooved Villa Estrella and they're just too scared to admit it. Haha.

Tarra said I should buy them coffee if it turns out to be another disappointment. As early as the first episode, they're already mumbling words I cannot hear, but in the darkness of the cinema, I can feel them rolling their eyes. But as the movie progressed, they, along with the others in the cinema were already laughing (huh?) and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Cinco, of course had lots of comedic moments, both intentional and not. I'm just a little disappointed that it didn't have the audience screaming in terror like they did in Feng Shui, Sukob or even GMA Films' Ouija. 2 out of the 5 episodes were close enough (to the Feng Shui experience) though.

After the movie, Tarra and Edson bought their own coffee. And It's because I didn't have cash that night, and I've always been honest about things like that haha. We went to KFC to discuss the movie so I could steal ideas from them for my review. Kidding.

Anyway, here's my review on the film via PEP.ph.