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Face it. It's really over.

I'm talking about the holidays. Whatever is it that you've experienced in the past days, they are now history. Hilary Duff calls it "so yesterday". Now it's time to face the new working year. And whatever it is that you do in your life outside of facebook's farmville, petville, anyville plus pillow fights on the side, it's time to give it your full love and attention.

But as much as you love working too hard, do not let it show. You'll look like you're trying too hard and trying too hard is never the way. Ever. It's best to appear as if you're slacking, but secretly you're doing your best. That's my style. Lol.

Anyway, it's a half-day first day for me today. I never got to sleep on the bus because of its defective seat. It reclines by itself, almost to a 180-degree angle, like in an airplane's super business class. Haha. Of course the guy behind me doesn't like that. So for ten hours, I was conscious not to lean on the seat's back rest too hard, lest i crush the guy behind. I'm sensitive, considerate, selfless and kind like that. My mom raised me well.

So it's zombie-time at work today. I almost lost my phgone. Again. I left it on top of one of the office urinals. Good thing it's the maintenance lady who found it. What if one of the building's visitors took it? Then I'd have a new cellphone tomorrow (lol, that's the optimistic, positive, cheerio answer).

Tomorrow is another busy day. I have reports/proposals to give the boss on Thursday, but I'm not complaining. I like it actually. I'm gonna "slack" my way through them once again.


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