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Countdown to American Idol Season 9

It's here boys and girls. Nine days to go before our annual TV obsession. This... is American Idol. Catch the premiere episode on Star World if you have cable or QTV if you love free TV. I'm not sure of the times yet, but let us pray that just like in the previous years, they'll air the episodes twice a night, and once again during the weekend (I heard Star World airs the episodes more times that that).

While we count down the days till January 13, 2010 (Philippine Date), let's about all things Idol. First, let's talk about Kris Allen's upcoming Concert here - Kris Allen Live in Manila (or Taguig, if you want to be accurate), to be produced by the same guys who brought us Davids Cook & Archuleta last year - Fearless Productions aka Jomari Yllana and friends.

The concert of the season 8 Idol (back to back with Jabbawockeez - the part Pinoy winning group of America's Best Dance Crew Season 1) will take place at the McKinley Hill Grounds (which is a little too hard to find, especially if you don't have your own car) on February 6.

The event is not being publicized as heavily as the concert of the Davids but I just saw the plugs on Channel V Philippines this morning. So let's just wait for more details. Hopefully, they put out press releases on the papers within this week.
Photo shows Kris Allen's (seated) sing-off against someone I do not know during the Elevator (choosing the top 36/24) episode. If you're not familiar with the sing-offs, it is when the judges pit you against another one if they're not sure if they want to let you through. That's how unsure the judges were about Kris Allen. Who knew he'd end up winning it all?