Memories resurface once again

Everything’s been fleeting lately, not to mention, strange. I discovered last week that I am becoming near sighted when my boss noticed that I’m holding the Wall Street Journal too close to my face (yes, I read the WSJ – but just the Weekend Journal edition cause it’s the most fun WSJ can be). To think that when I was young, I feared getting my father’s far sightedness. But that’s not the strangest thing that happened to me. Last week, I had several memory lapses, that I kept telling people stories and things I already told them. And when they point out that they heard it from me before, I’d say, “Really, ok let me tell you this story instead…”, only to be interrupted again and be told that, that too, has already been told.

Anyway, for all those strangeness, I blame the flu tablets I took the days before that. I think I may have OD’d on them. Washed one down my throat every four hours. Is that dangerous? I once read about the dangers of drugs with “phenyl-“ in them.

Well I think my memories are creeping right back in, after moments of defragmentation. It’s just sad that no matter how my brain gets messed up, some details I want deleted from my memory remain in it, like that virus FLASHY holding a permanent residency in one’s flash drive.


Anonymous said...

What's my real name elvin? do you remember burger and banga? eeep! you can't have senior moments at this age!!!

Elvin said...

Haha. I will never forget. :P Welcome back!