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How to change your life. In a moment.

Now on it’s 3rd week! Or is it already on its 4th? After a loooong time, I finally saw You Changed My Life, the sequel to last year’s surprise hit, A Very Special Love. (Hey, what’s up with all the song-title movies? What are they gonna do next? Eternal Flame? Electric Youth? Supersonic?) When Donna said we’re gonna watch the movie, I automatically assumed that we’re watching it in SM North. That’s my default mall. Haha. So 20 minutes before the screening time, I’m lazily walking around SM, calling Donna to ask where the meeting place is. That’s how I learned we’re watching at Gateway.

After crawling my way in the MRT extension construction site traffic and after one train ride and a Farmer’s Plaza super sprint, I was already with Donna and Nherz (Nherzy Jane, LOL!) inside the cinema. The movie started the moment I sat on the comfy Gateway Cineplex chair. To that, I said “Para akong artista. Hinintay nila ako bago mag start ang movie.” And then we watched…

Bebe ko! Bebe Ko! Bebe ko! The most annoying three-syllable phrase ever. (But nothing’s more annoying than Bhe/Beh. Hello Bhe. Wer u na? Luvu Beh!) Especially when being said by real-life “lovesick little puppy dogs”. And the phonebook spelling with the fancy symbol prefix! Hahaha. Did I ever do that? I remember using this -> c”,) haha. Was I ever a lovesick little puppy dog? Did I ever lose focus? Did I ever answer a Bebe ko call in the middle of a presentation?

The movie was not as funny as the first, maybe because in the first movie, we weren’t really expecting Sarah Geronimo to be funny, and now we suddenly expect her to be funny, especially that she beat sour-graping Aiai as the Box-office Queen (the silliest title one can ever have. Seriously, who wants to be called a box-office queen?). And just like in the first movie, the John Lloyd – Dante Rivero scenes are the most stressfully dragging. Rowell Santiago is still bitchy. Mikee Cojuangco is very refreshing, and her dimples, very distracting, but in a good way. Laida’s officemates still rock, very hard. So hard that I want to work in Flippage. Donna fell in love with Rayver. I remembered my love for Jolina’s song, “Kapag Ako Ay Nagmahal,” Laida’s family also rocks. Nikki Bacolod is a filler. And the movie, oh that movie! It made us want to eat Jollibee take-outs in the office, have late-night pancit canton binges, swallow Biogesic tablets and slap some Belo essentials on our faces.

And I want a Nokia E71. With the Bebe Ko ringtone.