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I'm lucky to have an 8-minute blogging time

This will not take long.

It's been a crazy and interesting week. Crazy, so far. The weather's crazy. I normally have the ability to control the rain, but this week, I just couldn't. So last Tuesday, the heavy downpour got me, and it was raining, even inside the vehicle I was on. And it just kept on raining, until tonight. I think. I'm still in the office and it's already dark outside and I can't see anything, cause I don't think the rains were strong enough to clean our building windows haha.

This morning, on my way to work, I heard that song about having been in paradise but never having been to one's self, and I'm reminded how I dislike that song. I don't know. What is that song all about? Is it about a promiscuous woman who's never ever content? Or was it meant to be a tourism advertisement for Greece?

Oh someone texted. My heart skipped.

I'll finish what i'm doing now. Ok. Ok.