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Quickie Food Review & Old Movie Trivia

So yesterday, I, and a couple of co-workers went to work even though it's a holiday cause we're hardworking like that. At around 5, we went to Razon's and we all ate halo-halo, which is barely a halo-halo, cause it's just shaved ice with leche flan, banana, macapuno and milk. Everyone I know, who knows Razons, rave about this halo-halo. I've tried it several times already and in my opinion, Chowking Halo-Halo is still king. May ice cream pa. Mas mura pa.
Wala lang. Hahaha.
P.S.: Iisa Pa Lamang, though it doesn't have Dyesebel's monster ratings, is one talked about TV shows this season. I just remembered that I used to be so scared of Gabby because he is the Diablo in "Huwag Kang Hahalik Sa Diablo," a movie that I often confuse with Jestoni's "Huwag Mong Buhayin Ang Bangkay."


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