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Yeah well you know, I'm shy that way

I should be outside this room right now. Watching TV. But MMK is just too much. Tonight's episode is too depressing. And too real. Sad people shouldn't watch too much MMK. Or maybe they should. So they'd know that some people would give everything to be in their position. But still MMK is too sad. Should we all be down on Saturday nights?


Yesterday was 08-08-08. My friends from my old playground invited me for a wonderful dinner. Is it because of the date? I'm not sure. What I'm sure of is that the food is great. Food is always great in that side of Makati. In fact, we had something like a long running inside joke that once you get employed by the playground, it's like submitting yourself to a feeding program. So we all ate. I enjoyed a lot cause they always have something for the non-pork/beef eaters like me. Then we watched the Olympics opening but I never got to finish it. And then fireworks happened.


Earlier this day, I went to my sister's school to pay her tuition. My sister used to do it by herself because I got her a supplementary card, but I had to cancel her card because some credit cards are just plain evil. My initial plan was to drop by, dispense some cash and drop the bills, because I don't want to use a credit card again cause these pieces of plastic cards with black strips are evil. But I witnessed something more remorseful - a long line of people. The queue of those paying through evil cards is about 1/1oth of this line.

So once more, I surrendered to the card's power and made a little promise to just pay back asap, and told myself repeatedlly, "sayang ang miles."

Evil cards can really do you great favors sometimes.

By the way, I felt old doing it. My father used to do it for me in high school. The whole drill. Going to the school and falling in line to pay tuition, or sometimes, to write promissory notes. Haha. But he did it only in my high school years. I saw my university reg form again just last week and was delighted to see that I used to shell out just about P600 per sem. Public schools are great. You don't have to summon the evil cards' powers.


I think I can face Charo now. I'll go back there and finish MMK.