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Look I composed an Eighties pop song!

I just composed an eighties pop song in less than ten minutes! In my opinion, for an eighties pop song to be an eighties pop song, it must involve an immortal eighties icon (in my song, it's the calculator). It must have playful lyrics. The spoken word part is optional since it also applies to nineties songs. Also, it must reek of delightful cheese. And also, you must feel weird when you read the lyrics, especially if you wrote it.
Interpreter in mind: Wham
To be covered by Olivia Newton John
*Casio Electric Organ Intro*
You gotta, gotta calculate my love
If you want to know the real score
You gotta press the right buttons
Add up some kisses, Multiply the hugs
And we'll get a great deal of love
That no one can divide
*Synthesizer/Drums transition*
Keep pushing Keep pressing
Let the digits grow and grow (oh oh oh)
Let your fingers do the job
if you really want to calculate my love
You gotta gotta calculate my love
If you want to sum up what we have
You gotta save something in our memories
That's gonna last until the next equation
Don't worry if we run out of energy
We have solar cells to keep our love on
(Repeat Chorus)
Spoken parts:
Calculate my love, girl (or boy for Olivia Newton John)
Prove that me plus you
Equals a love that's true
Calculate my love
(Repeat Chorus till it Fades)


Larius said...

that's like, a sure smash hit elvin! you're going to go the way of the camo. lito camo. haha