We have our first Pinoy Idol. Celebrate!

Funny. The person no Pinoy Idol judge liked, and most saw as the weakest performer, emerged as the winner. Congratulations Gretchen Espina!

Anyway, last night's show was not that bad. There were some good points, although it started with the messages of the judges, which sounded almost like they are accepting defeat. One of the episode's high points was the opening number that thankfully, avoided overdone singing contest grand finals songs with the words moment, believe or fly in the lyrics. Also, it was great seeing the eliminated top 24 finalists, who surprisingly looked and sounded better than most of the Top 12 Idols. Also, it was refreshing to watch a finals night that let you know the final results in just an hour.

But then, when we got to the most imporatant part of the episode, Direk got busy again with all his cameras and wanted to show every single person inside SMX. So when Raymond finally announced Gretchen's name, we saw Ogie's nonchalant face, instead of the girl's winning moment.

Also, lagot. They spelled, Fremantle, the owner of the Idol franchise as Freemantle. Several times.


Anonymous said...

Natawa naman ako dun sa last part hehe. Parang di ka fan ng Pinoy Dream Academy. Huway?

Elvin said...

I like PDA, I watch it every week! Haha.