Pinoy Idol: The penultimate episode

GMA’s Idol has been airing for months now but I didn’t want to give my hasty judgment on their version ‘cause I wanted to give them a chance to stage the finals first. But now, I think I’ve seen enough. My verdict: ABC 5 wins.

I have been a solid supporter of Idol when it first reached Philippines via ABC 5. I, together with several more (lots and lots more?), became part of the search for the real first Filipino Idol. We followed it every week. We watched it at Megamall whenever we had the chance (and the elusive tickets). We talked about the show, the songs, the judges’ comments and more importantly, the contestants. No, we didn’t just talk about the contestants – we defended our favorite idols and had healthy fights with the supporters of others. We blogged about it (Did you know that this blog was even shown on ABC5 as one of the leading Philippine Idol blogs? True!). And of course, we voted. Like mad.

But of course, this is not about that old idol show. Come on! We have a grand finals to watch! This… is Pinoy Idol!

The show started with the three finalists, Roselle Nava Jay Ann, Ram & Gretchen inside their kulambo. Then the kulambos fell revealing 2 idols cause Jay Ann was trapped inside her net. Then wind blew on the 3 as they do the fairy dance the Pinoy Pop Superstars did one or two years ago. Then the eliminated people came out and…

…ok ayoko na. Just what GMA did with their idol show, I too am cutting short my recap hahaha. Basta If only I had the motivation to vote, I’d go for the one whom the judges lambasted in all their interviews, the whole week prior to the finals – Gretchen. She’s the only one who sang most of her song in tune and she’s the one who looked the most polished. Maybe the whipping she got from the judges the whole season humbled her, cause I found her very much willing to prove herself without the arrogance nor the carefree attitude.

Anyway, should GMA stage a second season of Idol, I hope they consider these suggestions:

1. Change a judge. I think most people would agree on this and would most definitely drop Jolina. But for me, it’s Wyngard that should be replaced. A judge should be there not just for the shock or entertainment value but also serve as guide or mentor to the contestants, a role Ryan Cayabyab of last season totally owned.
2. Do something about the host. Why does he always have to scream? Why is he like a reading machine? The host must have connection and rapport with the contestants, the judges and most importantly, the audience.
3. Use airtime wisely. Shouldn’t we be seeing more of the contestants’ performances and less of Danny Tan, the back-up singers, the judges or Raymond Gutierrez enumerating all the Campus radio stations nationwide?
4. Do something about the set. Hindi po masyado maganda.
5. Do something about the sounds. Karaoke show The Singing Bee’s band sounds so much better and more professional.

Ok that’s it. But these are just my opinion. I’m just an idol fanboy. What do I know.

Pinoy Dream Academy na! Lipat lang ako. But I’ll watch again tomorrow to watch them crown Jay Ann as their fourth Pinoy Pop Superstar second first Pinoy Idol.


Anonymous said...

i remember you had the most interesting Philippine Idol reviews on the net! always (as in always) entertaining but accurate.

sinayang ng GMA ang "pinoy idol" nila, i watched an episode in the semifinals and they totally lost me. i never watched again. top 3 na pala? finals? haha the fairy2x kulambo effects... thank God i didn't see those, magkaka-hypertension ako probably if i did. so i guess sa PDA nalang ako mag-au-audition for next season hahaha

Jove Francisco said...

hi elvin, my fave PHILIPPINE IDOL blogger! Hope you still remember me, your avid reader.

thanks for this post, as usual very very interesting ka magsulat ng reviews!

can't comment about the comparison, and bakit pa? maganda naman na nasulta mo hehehe.

re the band: the band of SINGING BEE is THE band of PI. alala mo? hehehe

btw, i'm an avid viewer of PDA season2, sino bets mo? review naman dyan!

JOVE (www.jovefrancisco.com)

Elvin said...

Hi berg! Yeah, madami ngang nagulat it's suddenly the finals night when last week they still had 5 finalists. I think this version alienated most of Philippine Idol's followers. See you at the PDA auditions haha.

Hi jove! Of course we rememebr you. You're our insider! Oo nga, the band is Koya Mel's! Andun pa si Apple, Arms and Ken. I always watch PDA 2 too. And because in every talent show I watch, I go for the contestants who are the unlikely winners, my favorites are Apple and Cris hehe.