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Potter Day

Today is opening day for Harry Potter and the Order Phoenix aka the one where Sirius dies. Tip: You do not watch Harry Potter on its first cinema playdate if you don't like extreme chaos. Unless you go to that mall in Fairview where I watched one of the Potter installments. It was like having my own Home Theater System and having a few unknown friends come over. Another tip: there are two big malls in Fairview, facing each other. One always has its theaters jam-packed and the other one - just blissfully serene. Kasi walang tao.

It's also Harry Potter day this morning on Unang Hirit and the hosts in costumes were discussing Potter. Arnold Clavio and Suzi Entrata obviously are the most Potter-learned. Eagle asked Drew in costume if he came to work that day as "Hogwarts." Drew stressed that the Potter kids go to Hogwarts SCHOOL but he went on saying there are four LEVELS in that school - Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

Unang Hirit also reported this event:

They said something like the Potter kids being honored at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Hollywood Walk of Fame I know is the one with names of celebrities on stars on the pavement. The handprint one, I think, is the Chinese Theater something. Am i right? Am I wrong? Am I just ignorant?

Rain caught me last night. Ang sakit sa ulo. But I like rainy days. So ok lang.


Kat said...

tama ka elvin. sa chinese theater yung handprint. =)