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They are now selling Ysabella's Chicken at Bacolod Chicken Inasal. I saw this sign at BCI Trinoma.

I heard they're going to sell products for the other dramas/series too. Among these products that we can buy in the future are:

1. Mara Clara baby swap cribs & Mara Clara Diaries
2. Kampanerang Kuba Glutathione Candles
3. Impostora Do-It-Yourself Plastic Surgery Kits
4. Lupin Battle Bikinis
5. Mga Mata ni Angelita's Mama Mary Summoning Kits
6. Pati ba Pintig Ng Puso Stethoscopes, and ECG Devices
7. Meteor Garden Gardening Tools
8. Nginiiig vibrators
9. Anna Luna Instant Tears
10. Rounin Bags, Shirts, Notebooks, Toys (Oh wait, they already have these)