How many White Rabbits have you eaten in your lifetime?

White Rabbit candies, the white, chewy and wrapped in edible paper kind contains Formalin. Gasp!

What Formalin can do to you:

"Ingestion of a small amount of formaldehyde is unlikely to cause any acute effect. Acute toxicity after ingestion of an excessive amount of
formaldehyde include systemic acidosis along with gastrointestinal bleeding. According to International Agency on Research on Cancer (IARC), formaldehyde can cause cancer in animals but there is limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans." Source

Hmmmm. Should we panic now?

Check your shampoo labels too. There's formaldehyde in some brands.

How formaldehyde in shampoo affects your body.

Hmmm. Could all these be just marketing campaigns for upcoming movie "The Host" where formaldehyde thrown into the sewers turned a fish into a Godzilla-like, human-snatching monster?


TwistedHalo said...

i'm scared. i blame white rabbit for my failing memory.

Anonymous said...

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