The farm boy comes home: Day 4.5

Here's a joke courtesy of the manong who sells vegetables at our
(very) wet market.

Q: What do you call a broccoli without a brother?
A: A "ccoli" flower. (broccoli without a bro. Get it?)

So yesterday, my father and I bought, that's right, broccoli. We never
bought broccoli before. For us, broccoli is too expensive for a

But yesterday, my father bought not only broccoli but also some young
corn, quail eggs, and all those optional chop suey ingredients.

Yesterday's chop suey had to be special.

Yesterday's my parents' 28th wedding anniversary.

So for the first time in many years, we had complete chop suey for lunch.

And we spent the rest of the rainy afternoon listening to the Beatles.


Jillsabs said...

sounds like a perfect day :)

happy new year elvinelvinelvin!

Ms. etc said...

Hehehehehe, nakakatuwa ka pa rin.

Elvin said...

it was. hahaha.
p.s.: who's your starstruck bet?

j: why thank you, hehehe. kamusta na?