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The farm boy comes home: Day 3.5

I totally forgot about blooging yesterday. So here it is.

I'm loving the rainforest weather here (but we don't live in a forest,
haha). There's nothing like waking up to the sound of the morning
rain. Even when its raining here, you can see a hint of blue in the
skies. And when it's not raining, the sky is as sky blue as the skies
of Super Mario Brothers 1, World 1-1.

So yesterday, I together with my sister and my pal since grade 1, went
to my old high school to meet the kids who are now handling the school
paper which I used to edit. In chief. Haha. Mr. Arnold said the kids
need help (like the cheerdancers of Bring It On needs help), but after
a day's session I must say that they can pretty much do things on
their own. Not because of me of course, but because producing a school
paper is easy if the people behind it are genuinely interested in what
they're doing. Basically, I encourage them to come up with a paper
that lives up to its "official student publication" tag. Never mind
what the admin will think, I said. It should be primarily for the
students' interests, I added. So I think they got excited with the
idea and I sensed some controversies brewing. Nice.

Tonight is another alumni homecoming night for our high school. They
do this every year,and in my opinion, doing that lessens the
excitement of the whole thing.

I'll just stay home and enjoy the rainforest weather.