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The farm boy comes home: Day 2

"She's still alive," said my mother. She's talking about the hen I
asked them to spare from being made into a tinola about 4 years ago. I
never thought chickens could live that long. But there's the hen,
still laying eggs and raising chicks. Her feathers are still ash gray
with some streaks of shiny silver - exactly the reason why I didn't
want her killed. She's different.

Anyway, Kittie Nadal and her mom have been banished from the house for
being too lazy, for eating my father's food all the time, for breaking
lots of things including my graduation picture frame and for
forgetting their "toilet training". Now they live outside the house,
mastering "jungle survival". They eat rats now, says my father. So
that's why they're fat cats again. My brother said that a few days
after their eviction, they turned into skinny fashion models.

We have two new mongrel puppies, Shannon and Boone. Between the two,
Boone is the friendlier one. Shannon can be suplada at times, but
she's just being shy.


I went to see my lolo who believes that I'm the best-looking guy in
the world. Supportive no?