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Love Stories

Dear all,

I wanna share to you some stories.

Last night as we were dining at KFC Makati Cinema Square, we saw a young lady just two or three tables away from ours. She was with a guy, who might be her boyfriend or husband. She was crying right when she started eating her chicken and rice meal until she finished. I wished she would stop. The sight of someone crying (particularly over a happiness-inducing KFC meal) breaks my heart. Especially when she (or he) is crying in silence, with big drops of tears flowing, one after the other (not the bawling type of crying). I wonder why she was crying. (maybe she saw Panday with the Hiraya Manawari computer graphics). And I wonder if she ever stopped. Cause when we left KFC, she was still there with her guy.

Later that night, as I was about to go home, I walked pass a KTV bar and a GRO who might already be in her forties went out of their dark yet loud establishment with a guy. She asked the guy in her southern Philippine accent, "Nami-miss mo ba ako kahit papaano?". The guy replied, "Oo naman, pupuntahan ba naman kita d'yan kung hinde." Awww. I wished they would stop. Haha. The moment was so corny and sugary (like sweet corn kernels in fructose), I could almost imagine Cueshe appearing from nowhere to provide corny and sugary background music. Parang FLAMES (Circa 1996, Channel 2, Mon-Fri, 2:30 p.m. or if you want something older, Mr. Kupido na lang hosted by Buboy Garovillo).

I know my stories are pointless. But who says a story should always have a point.

That's all for now. Remember that it is morally wrong to donate instant noodles to relief distributors cause they (the noodles not the relief officers) are said to be cancerous and donating instant noodles is like killing the people that you're supposed to be helping.

Don't get too drunk tonight,