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The farm boy returns (O hinde!)

Dear all,

Long break, huh? Typing that "huh" word was actually awkward. Cause I remember reading it as "hooh" when I was little and pretty much a tagalog komiks fan. Well I still can be a tagalog komiks fan but I can't find the likes of Komedi, Funny or even Hiwaga komiks anywhere. But I heard they still sell Horoscope Komiks over there at National Book Store Katipunan. And I heard they're priced at around P15 now! That was a far cry from the P6 (dark newsprint) to P8 (glossy cover) cost when i still have my komiks rental business.

Anyway, if anyone from Atlas or (who makes komedi?) is reading this, please let me know if you still publish those komiks that smell like pan de sal when they're in their best condition. And let me know where can I get them. And also, I would like to know if Sonic Triangle Publishing still exists cause I think it's the company that put up Batang X Komiks, which I used to collect (but my collection was eaten by a bunch of Batang X-loving rodents). Naykupoo! EEEEEEEEEEE! (which in tagalog komiks means a long frightful scream). Hikbi! (this is a sob actually) HUHUHUHU! (crying, crying) Pak! Bog! Kalabog! (hmmm, me hurting the rodents).

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That's about it. Remember to use both sides of the paper when writing.

With all my hollow muscular organ located between my lungs,



TwistedHalo said...


i missed you! san mo nahukay yang pic???