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Is this a music blog?

This is top secret. You know this American Idol finalist whose name sounds like Camel Tabasco (name changed for security reasons. MY security actually)? Well she's releasing a single this July - a single that she's been working on together with a hip-hop artist whose name sounds like Crass from the hip-hop group whose name sounds like Stoogeees (yep, 3 e's).

Her (the idol's) record label is very careful and is not allowing ANY leakage online. Not even in the fan message boards. But I'm about to post a clip of the said single. Don't tell anyone! Or else the fans of Camel Tabasco are gonna shoot me! They have this very strict rule against posting the clip online for everyone in the world to download.

The song's title sounds like "Banging On," and is written by the idol whose name sounds like Camel Tabasco, except for the chorus which is a sample from the soul classic with the title that sounds like "You Beep Me Banging On" sung by a legendary group whose name sounds like "The Su-Creams".

Here it is. I liked it very much.

Sorry Camel fans. I couldn't help myself.

And regarding the Sharon joke in my previous post, the answer is:

A: E di s'ya si Bell sa Kampanerang Kuba!

*snare drum, snare drum, cymbals*


Jillsabs said...

Camel Tabasco! you kill me farm boy, you really do :)