In the film "The Secretary", the secretary gets punished for sniffling

In my almost five years of riding the MRT, I've observed that most of the people who push their way into the crowd, are women. Also, the people who get incredibly irritated when any body part of yours touch theirs, are also, mostly women.

Again, these are MY observations. Not scientifically proven facts.

I'm rapidsharing another mp3. Cause good music's not too good, till you share it.

Angels (Live) - Robbie Williams and Joss Stone

Click on the link (Right Click-Save As won't work), scroll all the way down and click on FREE. Then read the instructions.

I've runny nose and a splitting headache since yesterday. I've been O.D.ing with Vitamin C but that's not working for me anymore. And the no-drowse cold tablets are lying! Because (1) I still have a cold and (2) I feel drowsy.

I also have a Sharon Cuneta joke which most of the people who heard it found mean. It goes like:

Q: Kung ang role ni KC Concepcion ay Belle sa Beauty and The Beast, ano naman ang role ni Sharon?

A: ...

I'll just tell you next time. And no, "Beast" is not the correct answer.


Anonymous said...

elvin, nasa land of milk and obese people ako=) oops, bad joke marge... you are very politically incorrect... hehe

Leah said...

drink yes-drowse tablets na lang. para sleep ka na.

belle belle? sama ko. tsk tsk. i'm sorry, ate shawie!!!

boi_bitch said...

get well soon, elvin! and do share more mp3s!

Bernizzya said...

oops, i sent my comment to your email. silly, non-techie me. still love your new blog, though. so THIS is what you've been up to while I wasn't updating myself on your current brilliant endeavors. :)