The Samurai Reviews: Bahay ni Lola 2

The title of the movie is Bahay ni Lola 2. Yes, 2. You know, like The Godfather II or Star Wars Episode II. Every great movie deserves a sequel. Just like Bahay ni Lola I starring, uhm, I can't remember but I'm sure Aiza Seguerra and Allan K are there.

Bahay means house, so the horror story revolves around a horror house. Remember Amytiville? Yes, It's a house with deep dark secrets, just like this Bahay. And Lola. At first I didn't know who Lola was. Lola means grandmother but in Puerto Rico, it could mean another thing cause Ricky Martin recorded a song with the lyrics:

Lola, Lola ay!! Pa'donde vas
Que mas da, yo sigo detras
Lola, Lola ay!! P
egado a tiSolo se que voy a vivir

The word "NI", I learned from Spanish friends, means neither. So the movie title could mean "Neither a House or Grandmother" but that's not what it means. It simply means "Grandmother's House" for "NI" really signifies ownership. So basically, the formula of the movie is:

Scary House + Ownership + Grandmother = Movie

The movie stars Dingdong and Karylle who plays a couple with an infant son/daughter. They find this house which they bought at a really low price, so low, they wonder why. Living with them in the newly bought house are aunt Cherrie Pie (who's forever playing somebody's aunt in movies and tv shows), Brother Biboy, Little Sister (who played the young Alwynna in Mulawin) and "maid" Chokoleyt who, in the beginning of the movie, discovers that the number of steps of their stairs corresponds to Mata in the Oro, Plata, Mata instant Feng-Hui test..

To be continued...


Ms. etc said...

Oopppss..continue plsssssss...I haven't watched that movie...and actually..no plans of watching it. IS it good?

Elvin said...

good move. don't watch it. haha.